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Beauty in Everyday Life: Photography by Nydheri Brown is a photography exhibit in conjunction with “Springtime Celebration with New Elements Gallery”.

Nydheri Brown is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist based in southeastern North Carolina. Experimenting with different materials and mediums and exploring her interests,
Nydheri enhances her ability to see the spectacular and create new things reimagining what inspires her. Being homeschooled allowed her to explore different avenues of creative expression and to experiment with different mediums. She has been featured in several group showings. She is currently enrolled at Cape Fear Community College.

In her artist statement, Nydheri states “I am passionate about creating and exploring art. For as long as I can remember, and certainly before I could articulate it, I have taken a multidisciplinary approach to art. My parents share fond memories of me combining unlikely things to create new textures, colors, and shapes. As an artist, I endeavor to capture the beauty of everyday life. Most people miss the spectacular because they do not slow down to appreciate the beauty surrounding them in real-time; at the moment. I have found that photography is the most accessible way to capture and share the spectacular beauty that draws my eye.”

The exhibit opens on Friday, March 19 and continues through May 2, 2021.

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