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Communicate, Connect, Innovate:
A New Paradigm for Teaching and Learning
Our Facilitator Training is centered around one key idea: the body is the primary mechanism for learning and change.

This training will offer teachers and mentors personal and professional tools, backed by research that shows how students, teachers and their classroom communities thrive.
Easily integrate the new neuroscience of movement into your classroom.
Release stress and energize your students and yourself.
Learn positive and sustainable interventions with our innovative model.
Implement tools immediately as transitions, beginnings and completions to lessons or meetings.
Create an atmosphere of curiosity, safety, gratitude, and collaboration.
Maximize instructional time with material that is aligned with national standards.
Rewire the brain to enhance positive behaviors like engagement, self regulation and resilience for enhanced learning.
Radically shift relationships with perspective and body awareness.
Create new beginnings for youth.

All tools are accessible no matter the time or space you have in the classroom. In moments, you can incite new perspectives and begin to shift the playing field of your school community!
@Nir Family YMCA Community Room

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