Gallery Guidelines

The Arts Council of Wilmington & NHC is actively seeking proposals from New Hanover County-based artists, groups, and independent curators for use of its 414 square foot storefront gallery at 221 North Front St., Suite 101.   Exhibitions run for approximately one month, with openings coinciding with Wilmington’s Fourth Friday Gallery Nights.

The Gallery Advisory Committee will process proposals for works by a single artist or thematic exhibitions by multiple artists. The body of work should not have been previously exhibited in the Greater Wilmington area in the past two years. The Committee reserves the right to restrict subject matter.

Types of Work

2D– painting, drawing, prints, photography, fiber, glasswork, multimedia

3D– Submit proposals for sculpture exhibitions with necessary display supports.


The Arts Council shall receive a 25% commission on all sales.  If a purchaser sees a work in the show and decides to purchase it within three (3) months following the show, the Arts Council shall still receive a commission of 25%. Any known violation of this policy will result in the artist losing future exhibition privileges in ACES Gallery.

A majority of the work must be for sale in each show, and a price list must be available listing all works shown. If certain works are not for sale, “NFS” may be used. The price list must be submitted to the Arts Council by noon on Thursday, the day before the opening.

Installation and Removal

All paintings, drawings, and photographs must be framed, wired, and ready for hanging. Exhibitions must include enough work to aesthetically fill the space. Artists must supply their own hardware and labeling. Installation may begin on the Wednesday afternoon before the show opens. No work shall be removed from the gallery until the exhibition closes.

Exhibitions will be installed by the artist(s) with supervision from Arts Council personnel. If special requirements are necessary for the installation of an exhibition, then the artist(s) will work with Arts Council personnel to ensure safe and appropriate installation. Artists will be responsible for any additional costs if specialized assistance or equipment is required.

The Arts Council will ensure gallery space and walls will be ready for hanging prior to installation of work. At the end of exhibition, the artist will be expected to return the space and walls to the same “ready to hang” condition. Paint and spackling will be provided to fill any nail holes. Arts Council personnel will inspect space to ensure gallery is ready for the next show.

Publicity and Promotion

The Arts Council will support artists to the best of its ability and resources to promote exhibitions. Costs associated with the design, production and direct costs of distribution of promotion materials and opening reception are the responsibility of the artist(s). Artist(s) must notify the Gallery Advisory Committee in advance if an opening reception is planned in order to coordinate with staff.

Each artist is responsible for submitting publicity information and images for ACES to use in its promotions. Exhibitors are also expected to make artist’s information available to visitors.

Time Commitment

The artist will assist in the selling of artwork by spending at least 5 hours a week at the ACES Gallery throughout the month of their exhibit for a total of 20 hours.  This has the potential to increase sales and will also allow you to become familiar with our history, our mission and bring awareness of the types of people who visit ACES Gallery.


Artists must provide their own insurance coverage. All exhibitors are required to sign a Release Agreement that releases the Arts Council from responsibility for any items in the exhibit.

Gallery Damage

Exhibitions may not damage the gallery. Ordinary wear and tear as a result of the show (e.g., holes in walls for hanging, debris and dirt from installations, etc.) must be repaired by the exhibiting artist after the exhibition is removed and prior to installation of the next exhibit, unless otherwise notified by the gallery. ACES will provide the materials for repair and clean up.

Exhibition Agreement Form

If an artist or group is offered an exhibition at ACES, they will have 2 weeks to accept or decline the offer. If accepted an Exhibition Agreement Form must be completed and returned by the deadline. Each exhibitor shall be given precise dates for his/her show, the date of the opening, and the dates for hanging the show and taking it down.

How to Apply:

Your proposal should include:

• Name and contact information (e-mail, phone number). In the case of group exhibits, there should be one person designated to submit the proposal and act as contact person to the gallery.

• A brief, clearly articulated description of the proposed exhibition

• 4-6 digital images or media files (CD ROM or online digital portfolio)

• List of titles, dimensions, and media

• Current curriculum vitae

Submissions should be sent to:

ACES Gallery

Arts Council of Wilmington & NHC

P.O. Box 1973

Wilmington, NC 28402

or online at

For more information, call 910-343-0998