Growing Natives: Botanical Art and Illustration from the Backyard

Mari Yamashita de Moya

January 27th 2023 – February 21st 2023

Mari Yamashita de Moya captures the high notes of seasonal plants in classical still life format. The botanicals are depicted realistically in true to scale form, each specimen is meticulously recreated using a European and Western style that has the image float on a white background.

Converging Pathways: A Multidisciplinary Art Exhibition

Brian Jones

November 25th 2022 – December 2oth 2022… extended until January 24th 2023

This exhibition showcases the different forms of expression explored by Jones over the past 8 years, including freeform wood carving, metalwork, forging, and sculpture using thread to create sacred geometry over reclaimed live edge wood.

Inspiration Station

Whimsey Rae’s Artistry

October 28th 2022 – November 22nd 2022

Whimsey Rae loves flowers, colors and textures, so don’t be surprised when you see a lot of that in her work. Inspiration Station includes a variety of works, from mixed art portraits to resin coasters.

Eighteen Forward Artists

Eighteen Forward

September 23rd 2022 – October 25th 2022

Involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, the artists at Eighteen Forward create with a goal to inspire others to take a step towards unity, equity, and love.

Everybody Dreams

Artist Collective

August 26th 2022 – September 21st 2022

At DREAMS Center for Arts Education, every child is given the opportunity to grow into the person they wish to become through creative expression. This Fourth Friday gave an opportunity to twelve featured student artist to display their creations in a gallery setting.

Searching for Chemistry

Art Centered

July 22nd 2022 – August 24th 2022

Renato and Anne create clay masterpieces through a variety of different techniques including throwing, hand building and sculpture. They also work with wood, metal, wire and beads.

Urthie Artz

Leah Marie

June 24th 2022 – July 20th 2022

Abstract art with a dab of pixie dust

Luminous Color

Ayumeg Art

May 22nd 2022 – June 22nd 2022

Humbled and thrilled, this was’s first solo exhibit.

Reggae Redemption Rising: We Are One Exhibit

Various Artist Showcase

March 25th 2022 – April 29th 2022… extended until May 20th 2022

A variety of African, Caribbean and Jamaican inspired artwork. The artist showcased in this unique exhibit include eL Seed from Uganda, Nii Narku Thompson from Ghana, Maximillian Mozingo from Goldsboro, NC and local Wilmington artist, Cammeron Batanides.


Getting to Know Us

Wilmington Arts Association

February 25th 2022 – March 22nd 2022

A collection of 25 Individual Artist.