Submissions accepted through January 15, 2024

Novant Health seeks regional artist submissions for two large-scale exterior artworks at the new Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic.

We are looking for art that is uplifting and offers a sense of hope and healing for our patients, visitors, and team members while also reflecting our diverse community.

Novant Health’s Artwork Selection Committee will select final image(s) to be large-scale (8’-0” X 28’-0” total space), digitally printed onto an adhesive backed material mounted to ACM and laminated with a UV protectant by SignArt. Length of artwork installation period is to be determined but no less than 6 months.

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MJ Clinic Mural #1

MJ Clinic Mural #2

Artwork Criteria

• Artists must be 18 years or older at time of submission and creation of all artworks.
• Art mediums:
o All art must be digitally submitted, preferred but not required, with
rendering/layout intent on provided building image(s)@  200 DPI for
consideration. Larger image quality may be requested if artwork is selected.
o All mediums which read clearly in a printed 2D format will be considered but
design intent is to follow traditional painted mural style or digital graphic works.
• Scanning/Digitizing
o It is the artists responsibility to digitize all work for submission. If necessary,
there may be assistance available.
• Printing, Framing and Installation:
o Artist is not responsible for printing, framing or installation. Novant Health will
coordinate pieces being professionally printed/installed by contracted vendor,
o Novant Health and SignArt reserve the right to resize images and minimally crop
artwork for usage/installation needs.
• Acceptable Art/Subjects:
o Artwork compositions that highlight or emphasize the overall Novant Health

Cause Statement

Acceptable Art/Subjects

o Artwork compositions that highlight or emphasize the overall Novant Health
Cause Statement:
o Artwork must be the artist’s own original work.
• Artwork that will not be accepted:
o No text is allowed as part of the composition outside of appropriately sized artist
o No Portraits, recognizable individuals or groups***
o No Religious Themes, No Political Themes, No Weapons, No Vulgarity, No Nudes

Art Submission Dates

November 30, 2023 – January 15, 2024

Artist Application Process

• Complete the Artist Application form, page 4 (Although all artists are encouraged to
participate, permanent residents within a 15-mile radius of the clinic will be given
special consideration.)
• Submit correctly sized, digitized artwork via email to
• Artist may submit up to 5 individual pieces/compositions for consideration.
• Artist will be compensated a flat rate of $5000 upon installation.
• All artwork is considered under contract with SignArt for reproduction and not Novant
Determination of acceptance:
• Work that does not meet the Art Criteria listed above will be disqualified.
• Selection process will take place the end of January.
• Artist will be notified of acceptance no later than February 5, 2024
• Accepted pieces are to be made available to SignArt by March 4, 2024
Contact the Arts Council of Wilmington/NHC at 910-343-0998 or