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The newly renovated Bijou Park in downtown Wilmington, NC offers an exciting opportunity to enhance the pocket park and streetscape along North Front Street with a new large-scale mural that harkens back to the site’s early days as a theater.

Proposed as “The Last Piece of the Park”, the winning design will energize the site by highlighting its heritage and history while providing an attractive backdrop in the central business district.

The mural will take up the entire stucco wall facing Bijou Park at 221 N. Front St., providing visual stimulation for the park’s mid-block connection to Wilmington’s riverfront. See the visual images above for area and available dimensions of mural.

The Arts Council of Wilmington & New Hanover County is interested in receiving applications from artists with experience and interest in collaborative, community-based mural projects that build social ties, represent diversity, and/or develop a sense of communal ownership of public spaces.

The winning artist(s) will be selected based on the following criteria:  

• Artistic accomplishment as demonstrated by images of previously completed artwork and references. 

• Technical competence and comparable scale of past works. 

• Demonstrated ability to collaborate with community stakeholders.   

• Demonstrated ability to complete projects on time and within budget. 

The following application materials are required (combine into single PDF document):

  • Statement of Interest: Explain why you (or your team) are interested in this project. Explain why you would be a good candidate and how your experience will inform how you respond to the themes and goals of the project. 
  • Artist Resume(s): Resumes should reflect artistic experience. Teams must include resumes for all artists. No more than one (1) page per team member resume. 
  • Previous Work: Submit up to ten (10) jpeg images of existing comparable artwork that demonstrates an ability to complete a project of this style and scope. Applicants may provide more than one photo of an individual artwork (showing different angles or details). If applying as an artist team, identify all artists of the work. These images should include the location, year completed, and a brief project description.
  • Team Responsibilities: Clearly identify the responsibilities of each team member. Only applicable to artist team submissions and not individual artist submissions. 
  • Concept Design: Submit up to 10 digital images of the artist’s renderings. Images should be submitted in JPEG format with high (300 dpi) resolutions. This initial concept design should reflect the overall theme in the design aesthetic the artist or artist team would like to submit. 
  • Conceptual Statement: Each Concept Design should be accompanied by a brief description detailing how the artist or artist team will be incorporating the theme and how the artist or artist team would like the public to interpret the design.
  • References: Up to three (3) references from previous projects with current contact information and relationship to the artist noted.
  • Insurance: Artist must be able to provide proof of insurance prior to beginning work.  Please indicate plans to provide.

The preceding application package, and all attachments, should be submitted by email to

using the subject line

BIJOU Artist’s Last Name


January 1, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.