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“Ebb and Flow”

an exhibit of oil paintings by artist Kari Feuer

Having always loved outdoors, and growing up in the Pacific Northwest among the mountains and streams. Kari has carried her love of nature with her, first to New York’s Hudson Valley, and now to the coast of North Carolina. Love of nature and art came together for Kari in landscape painting, inspired by grandeur, poignancy, introspection – and the challenge of capturing the ineffable qualities of water and the atmosphere. Kari wants to explore a palette that ranges from the exuberant color to the moody darkness that suggest our ambivalence about nature.

Artist Bio

kari feuer

Contemporary Landscapes

Kari Feuer paints in oils with a palette knife.  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest and living for decades in New York’s Hudson Valley were both a foundation for her love of nature’s beauty and she captures it both abstractly and representationally. She pursues the flow of time and the porosity of shape in her semi-abstract landscapes.  Her work has been shown in many galleries in the Northeast, collected on three continents and received national recognition.  Having recently moved to coastal North Carolina, she is loving the skies, beaches and marshes as new painting subjects, and is known for her richly-colored and textured expressionistic interpretations.  Feeling driven to the edges of the continent where the human imprint is washed away, she feels the constant renewal of the skies as nature’s signal of hope.  Her abstract work is featured in a recent North Light book, Abstract Painting:  A Celebration of Contemporary Art, and won a first in the April 2020 Bold Brush contest.