In Retrospect by Jon Cox

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From July 26th to September 8th, 2023, The Bellamy Mansion Museum will host the In Retrospect exhibit by Jon Cox. View the show, free, during regular museum hours: Mondays-Sundays 10 am – 4 pm. There will be an Artist’s Meet and Greet Friday, July 28th from 6-8 pm. To gain access to the exhibition, please stop by the Carriage House Visitor Center upon arrival for free admission.
For more information, please contact Leslie Morton at or by calling (910)-251-3700.

A little about the artist, Jon Cox:
Grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming and graduated from East High School. Earned a BA and a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wyoming. He taught design, painting, sculpture, print making, video editing, recording technology and stage set design at Central Wyoming College. He became the marketing director for the Brunton Company, an outdoor equipment manufacturer and was in charge of product design, advertising, packaging, catalog and sales material design. He started Proform Technologies, Inc., the inventors of the first true ergonomic paint brush and other innovative hand tools in 1999 and owns several patents.
He has illustrated many books and won awards in art for painting, drawing and print making over the years. His recent works are of wildlife, dogs, landscapes, beach scenes, urban life and inspirations from trips abroad.
He is married to wife Tammy and has 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Below is a note from the artist:
In retrospect…
I am not sure that I ever planned on being an artist. I had many other ambitions. Have you ever started in a direction and found yourself sidetracked? Life can be like that. I have often quoted my professor and friend, Victor Flach, who directed my master’s program. ‘Endless digression is the path to your goal’.
When I look back at the works included in this retrospective show, I see many things. Among them, promise, wasted opportunity, blessings given and often not earned, fits and starts. Successes. Potential. I think about the word potential. It is the non-realization of being what you can be. Many times, I have created works for impure motives: awards, fame, wealth, etc. These all influence what is presented the viewer in differing ways and limits true growth. In the end I have found that losing all motives except the desire to create new and unique work is all that really matters. No matter how viewers react. Think about how difficult that is, or better, how liberating that is. That is potential realized.
I know that I will never be that one in a million talent, but on occasion, I can create something that connects with someone. It becomes personal to them and reflects their own life, not knowing fully how it came from mine. That is success. Much like a song that you know is sung just for and about you:)
I hope you enjoy the retrospective and realize the journey and ‘endless digression’ that led to this show. Hopefully digression still awaits.

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