Landscapes: Real and Imagined Work by Kari Feuer and Susan Fishbein

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The MC Erny Gallery at WHQR is pleased to feature Landscapes, Real and Imagined: work by Kari Feuer and Susan Fishbein. Meet the artists, view their fabulous work, and enjoy wine and light refreshments with WHQR staff. Join us in the the MC Erny Gallery for this exciting Fourth Friday event on Friday, November 24 from 6-9pm for the Opening Reception and Friday, December 22 from 6-9pm for the Closing Reception.

Landscapes offer an unending opportunity to show beauty and bareness, unyielding heat and bitter cold, the joy of a field of flowers and the loneliness of an empty street. A simple landscape can evoke all kinds of emotions for the viewer.

For the artist, the landscape allows us to interpret what we see, not just record it. That allows the artists to expand on what they actually see and distort, change, add and take away pieces of puzzle to add emotion and create a story about what you’re viewing.

This collection of paintings includes timeless vistas of Italy, landscapes with urban intervention, and compositions with imaginary elements such as unexpected color, shapes, forms, and abstracted elements.

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