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Carolina Classical:
Beverly Andrews- violin
Domonique Launey- piano
Kathy Birch- cello
Bernard McWilliams- viola
Vince Stout- double bass

I. Boccherini’s “Procession of the Military Night Watchmen in Madrid” for strings The theme from the movie ‘Master and Commander’ is part of this delightful musical scene painting of the mili- tary watchmen marching in Madrid. You’ll hear the tolling of church bells and the rat-a-tat-tat of the drums as well as drunken beggars and an evening rosary prayer.

II. Schubert’s “Trout” Quintet op. 114. Piano quintet including double bass violin (instead of 2 violins) The piece is known as the Trout because the fourth movement is a set of variations on Schubert’s earlier Lied “Die Forelle” (“The Trout”). Die Forelle was originally a song to warn young women against being ‘caught’ by ‘angling’ men. This is a lighthearted, exuberant, brilliant, nimble piece featuring sparkling trout stream arpeggios as well as growling, rolling, bottom fish.

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