Riddle of Fire screening at the 29th annual Cucalorus Film Festival

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Hazel, his brother Jodie, and their friend Alice (who call themselves “the Three Reptiles”) want to spend the day gaming. But first, Hazel and Jodie’s sick mother insists they must fetch her a blueberry pie. What seems like a simple errand becomes a monumental quest across the North American West, setting off a wild tale with as many obstacles as the video game the trio actually wanted to play. Soon, the Reptiles must face off against the Enchanted Blade Gang (led by witch Anna-Freya Hollyhock) before they can find their way home. Premiering at the Cannes Film Festival, this irreverent 16mm fantasy adventure has fairytale magic and a “Goonies” flair.’

This screening is part of the 29th annual Cucalorus Film Festival, happening Nov. 15-19, 2023 in downtown Wilmington.

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