Sea and Sky: work by Sarah Doss, Rena Powell, and Jeanne McIntosh Rietzke

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The MC Erny Gallery at WHQR is pleased to feature Sea and Sky: work by Sarah Doss, Rena Powell, and Jeanne McIntosh Rietzke.
This is a collaborative art show that melds the inspiration of three local artists; The paintings show their respective visions of what it means to live by the ocean.

Join us on Friday, July 28 from 6-9pm for the Opening Reception and Friday, August 25 from 6-9pm for the Closing Reception of “Sea and Sky,” which is part of the Arts Council of Wilmington’s Fourth Friday Gallery Night. Meet the artists, view their fabulous work, and enjoy wine and light refreshments with WHQR staff. Join us in the the MC Erny Gallery for this exciting Fourth Friday event!

About the artists:
Sarah Doss: My work, which is generally bold, brightly colored, and expressive, is inspired by my deep connection with nature as well as marine scenes and creatures I encounter while working on my oyster farm and scuba diving.

Rena Powell: I grew up in view of the waters and marshes of Wrightsville sound, and that aesthetic informs all my work. The warm colors of the marsh grasses in summer and the cool blues of the water inspire me to capture the beauty of our natural world.

Jeanne McIntosh Rietzke: After 30-plus years, I am known as a marine life and marine-themed artist. Water influences 100% of my work. I paint predominantly with watercolors using non-traditional watercolor methods. I am fascinated by everything water: what lives in it, what reflects on it, where it goes, and how it shapes our world.

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