The Shape of Color: Paintings by Stephanie Holt

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WHQR Public Media is excited to announce the MC Erny Gallery at WHQR will reopen with “The Shape of Color: Paintings by Stephanie Holt” on Friday, June 24th from 6-9pm. As part of Arts Council of Wilmington’s Fourth Friday Gallery Night, guests are encouraged to meet artist Stephanie Holt at the station to enjoy art, wine, and light refreshments. After a long hiatus, the WHQR staff is thrilled to welcome guests to the McErny Gallery once again.

About the Artist:
Stephanie Holt had the benefit of growing up in a family filled with artists– musicians, painters, and designers, all of which eagerly shared their gifts. Holt’s work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions throughout the state. Through her vivid abstractions and contemporary work, she conveys positive narratives that invite the viewers to reflect upon their own experiences and memories.

Artist Statement:
“My journey has been fueled by talented ancestors willing to share their gifts, and my own artistic exploration. There are moments in the studio, when everything is working so well, the music is playing and the creative wheels are turning. Time does not exist. Only the piece of art unfolds and I am only the channel. The work comes through me, but my wish is that it goes out into the world – to have a life of its own.”

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