ILM Arts Council RFP FINAL

Addendum 1 – Responses July 1 2020

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THE PROJECTS                                                                             

The Wilmington International Airport (ILM), in partnership with the Arts Council of Wilmington/NHC, requests proposals for three public art commissions as part of ILM’s terminal expansion.    Proposals for two (2) separate terrazzo floor designs and the design, fabrication, and installation of one (1) three-dimensional artwork will be accepted from artists residing in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.   Proposals must be postmarked by August 1, 2020. 

Winning concepts will capture the spirit of the coastal Cape Fear region through permanent installations that welcome our patrons, enhance the facility, and contribute to our local cultural aesthetic.  The commissions will be the centerpiece of the terminal expansion due to be completed in January of 2023.


August 1, 2020                                Deadline for submissions

September 1, 2020                          Finalists announced

November 1, 2020                           Finalists submit concepts (3D or maquettes for Site 3)

December 1. 2020                           Winning artists announced

January 5, 2021                               Execution of artist contracts

March, 2021                                     Pre-Installation

June, 2021                                       Installation of Sites 1 and 2

July, 2021                                        Installation of Site 3


Site 1:   Terrazzo 1 will be located before the security checkpoint in a high-ceiling atrium area in the center of the main terminal.  The dimensions are 24’ x 24’ (see plans). The artist will be responsible for only the design of the terrazzo.

Site 2:    Terrazzo 2 will be located adjacent to Site 3, after the security checkpoint in a high-ceiling public space located in the gate concourse area of the terminal. The dimensions are 24’ x 24’ (see plans). The artist will be responsible for only the design of the terrazzo.

Artists may submit designs for one or both terrazzo floors.

Site 3:      The three-dimensional artwork will be located adjacent to Site 2, after the security checkpoint in a high-ceiling section of the gate concourse area of the terminal.  Dimensions of the available artwork base are 24’ x 24’. The vertical component shall enhance or preserve the sight lines across the space allowing open views of the airfield (see plans).  Interactive and/ or natural elements are encouraged but not required.


The Artist Selection Committee seeks an artist or artist-led team that can produce a site-specific artwork that:

  • Responds to the architectural environment of the airport (please view ILM Airport Terminal Expansion Virtual Fly-Through);
  • Is of the highest quality—creatively and technically;
  • Speaks to the spirit, cultures, landscape, or people of coastal North Carolina;
  • Is not politically or socially charged;
  • Considers the stressful nature of the airport environment and seeks to provide a calming effect;
  • May offer a sensory experience or invite active engagement by the observer;
  • Takes into account the high-traffic environment, is virtually indestructible, fade resistant, and can be easily repaired;
  • Is low maintenance, easy to clean, and can withstand occasional chemical cleaning;
  • Does not require use of electricity, audio/visual technology, water or other ongoing resources;
  • Meets all public safety, structural, and maintenance standards and complies with the Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA), and all other applicable laws, codes and regulations.


The budget for each site is as follows:

Site 1:    $25,000

Site 2:    $25,000

Site 3:    $200,000

The budgets for sites 1 and 2 should include all costs related to the design.

The budget for site 3 includes all expenses associated with, but not limited to, the project design, labor, engineering, fabrication, project management, materials, tools, contracted services, insurance, storage and delivery of the work to the airport.  Any expense that exceeds the contracted amount will be the artist’s responsibility.


The Requests for Proposals is open to all professional artists with experience in implementing and working in the public arena who live or work in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Artists must be able to effectively work within the project timeline and budget and collaborate with Wilmington International Airport and Arts Council staff in addition to architects, engineers, and construction managers under contract to the Airport Authority.


Please e-mail a full package containing:

  • Artist rendering, maquette or simliar expression of the design proposal
  • For 3-D artists only: A one-page itemized budget for the project
  • Résumé (if a team, one for each member) with current contact information, including:
  • Name, address, phone, email, and website
  • Artist Statement/Letter of Intent (1 page maximum)
  • If the submission is on behalf of a team, please identify the lead artist and indicate if the individuals have previously collaborated and the nature of the collaboration.
  • If the artist or artist team has worked with not-for-profit organizations, local governments, state agencies, or other similar and relevant groups, please describe the project.
  • Up to 10 JPEG images of the proposed work (labeled as such) and relevant past work in the following format:
  • One image per JPEG
  • Pixel dimensions per image: approximately 600 x 800
  • Image resolution: 72-300 pixels per inch
  • Maximum file size per image: 1MB
  • Name each image: lastnamefirstnameimagenumber.jpg, for example: doejane 01, doejane02,doejane03, etc.
  • A corresponding, numbered, annotated image list with title, media, dimensions, location, brief description, date of the work, project budget, and project partners, if applicable.
  • If submitting by e-mail, please send images as attachments and not in the body of the email.
  • Optional PDF file of additional support material, including press clippings or other relevant information on past projects (maximum 1MB file.)


Submissions must be postmarked or emailed by Saturday, August 1, 2020.

Email submissions to
USPS or other mailing services should be addressed:

ILM c/o the Arts Council of Wilmington/NHC
221 N. Front St., Suite 101
Wilmington, NC 28401


The Arts Council of Wilmington/NHC, in partnership with the ILM Arts Committee, will manage the application and selection process.  Finalists will be announced on September 1, 2020.  A minimum of three artists/teams will be given $1000 to provide a fully-realized maquette for consideration by the selection panel by November 1, 2020.

Artists may be asked to meet with the selection panel by email, phone, or Zoom Meeting.  If the committee asks the artist to conduct an in-person meeting or presentation, a travel stipend will be provided.

The winning design(s) will be presented to the Airport Authority Board for final approval.   The artists will then enter into a two-party agreement with the Wilmington International Airport and will be required to provide General Liability and Auto insurance as specified in the Agreement.

Once the agreement is executed, the selected artist or artist led team must be present for installation and is required to remain on site for the duration of the installation, which will be coordinated with ILM and the Arts Council of Wilmington.

The artist or artist-led team will be responsible for all expenses incurred for travel for the installation of the artwork and should budget accordingly from the awarded commission.


All questions regarding this RFP should be directed to the Arts Council via email ( by July 21, 2020.  All questions and corresponding answers will be posted as an addendum to the RFP on the ILM website;  It is the applicant’s responsibility to check the ILM website regularly for any addendums.