“Pursuit of Joy: Paintings by Debra Bucci + Bradley Carter” Exhibit

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“Pursuit of Joy: Paintings by Debra Bucci + Bradley Carter” is an exhibit featuring two artist’s individual search for creative freedom through brush, canvas, and paint. This exhibit will be the first featured artist show to enliven the walls of the new gallery space, located in Mayfaire Town Center.

About the Artists

Debra Bucci is known for her vibrant and engaging floral paintings. Dynamic color palettes, moving compositions and translucency from layering oils all work together to enhance the depth and bring Debra’s art to life. Her inspiration comes from the high’s and low’s of the human experience and believes this tension makes the art connectable. Her style is rooted in realism and woven with abstract elements.

American Artist, Bradley Carter, is an award winning, international selling artist who grew up pursuing his passion for art in Virginia before moving to the North Carolina in 2007, where he currently resides in Wilmington, NC. He predominately works in the medium of painting with his passion in Abstract Expressionism.

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