The 2022-2023 Grassroots Arts Program Subgrant submission period has ended.

  • What is the Grassroots Arts Program Subgrant?

    Since 1977, the NC Arts Council’s Grassroots Arts Program has provided North Carolina citizens access to quality arts experiences. Using a per capita based formula, the program provides funding for the arts in all 100 counties of the state through partnerships with local arts councils. The Arts Council of Wilmington/NHC is the NC Arts Council’s Designated County Partner for New Hanover County and will grant $50,000 in FY 2022-2023.

  • This year we will administer an additional $50,000 through American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding approved by the North Carolina General Assembly in November 2021. Unlike the process for distribution of state GAP funds which starts with a base amount, the federal dollars are assigned on a straight per capita formula.

  • The Arts Council of Wilmington & New Hanover County is no longer words here accepting applications for two NC Arts Council Grassroots Arts Program grants through June 17, 2022,.

How to Apply

  • Download the Application

    Both Grassroots Arts Program Grants Applications are available in Word, PDF or Pages format. Click the links below to download the version which works best for you.

  • Complete the Application

    Fill out the required information from the application. Support documents below for your convenience.

    Most organizations may apply for both applications; SARS organizations are eligible to apply for the ARPA GAP Grant only.*

  • How to submit my application?

    A digital copy of the application and all attachments must be emailed to by 5:00 p.m. on June 17, 2022 with the subject line

    GAP 2022-2023 or ARPA GAP 2022-2023,

    depending on which grant you are applying for.

    Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Questions and Assistance

Contact Rhonda Bellamy at 910-343-0998 or by email at

The Arts Council of Wilmington & New Hanover County will announce selections before the end of November 2022.


The Arts Council of Wilmington & NHC has awarded $78,500 in grants to area artists and organizations for FY 2021-2022 as the Designated County Partner to the North Carolina Arts Council. Click the link below for a list of this year’s grantees.

AC Grants Awarded 2021-2022

new Hanover County NC
North Carolina Arts Council
Arts Council of Wilmingotn